Over the years I've found it necessary to hack up a few programs to do things for me. Here are some them. You may find the useful, you may not.


A program that fetches a file from a remote HTTP server and measures the amount of time it takes to get it and reports a basic speed. I use this to fetch the same image(s) that most web-based speed test programs use. This program is meant to be run at regular intervals to create a graph of the service your ISP is providing.
Someone had asked for a program on the linux-usb-users mailing list that would provide information on a USB UPS. I use NUT to manage my UPS's and fetch the data like  this: /usr/local/ups/bin/upsc localhost. Some people don't care to go through the rigors of setting up NUT and just want to get info out of their USB UPS, so I hacked this up in about 10 minutes. You can download the source here or a binary compiled on RedHat 7.2 here. It prints out basic information using the USB ioctls. Sample output from my APC BK500 USB UPS is:

Found UPS at /dev/usb/hid/hiddev0
Manufacturer: American Power Conversion
Model: Back-UPS 500 FW: 6.1.D USB FW: c1
Serial #: AB0XXXXXXXX1
Battery Manufacture date: 2001-02-06 (10822)
Battery Capacity: 100%
Battery Runtime: 1080
Battery Voltage: 13.5
UPS State: On line